Monday, April 11, 2011

Our lasagna story... :D


weekend goes by so is mr.monday...pffftt..!!.. how was ur weekend?.. :)

My sunday was hillarious, oh well, my sunday with Ms. K... dearest Mr. G has a date with my father.. goes..

I woke up early and started doing the laundry and other house usual... when i was done with all of that, it was afternoon.. you see, i did not had my breaky in the i was bbm-ing with Ms.K, kelaparan began to come to my mind, all the cacing in my perut sedang ber-boxing sudah k... when im hungry, all the yummy food came across my mind mcm slideshow ahhh...hahah!

i told Ms. K that we should bake lasagna & *toink* Ms. K was thinking the same thing...haha...!! but *tettttt* ....nie dua org miskin separuh jiwa's only 10th April ahh ..belum smpai pun tgh bulan...first, i was thinking we should go buy all the brg2 then i can swipe using my CC but you see, my CC i have to control okay..kena warning udah oleh Mr. G..hihihi... punah harapan mau buat pun tiada...dlm purse ada rm 11 and Ms. K has rm 20...KESIAN kan..!!!...

Then, Ms. K somehow manage to get cash by a source who shall not be named..hahah!!..then we r off to Merdeka supermarket..mind you, sudah miskin, ada hati lagi pg Merdeka ah..hahah!!..we were about to enter the supermarket, i said to Ms.K..."kita 2 org paling miskin nie masuk cni, at this very moment " lol!!...

We end up buying 500gm minced beef (rm 10) 2 tin  of tomato puree (rm7) 2 nos Mozzarella cheese (rm 16), tin foil (rm3.50)  and fresh milk (rm 4.05)..nah...ini sudah rm40 ++ ...oh ya...20 sen tuk tu plastik..hihihi...Ms. K paid for all the above .. me? i sponsor carrot, onion, tomato, sugar, flour , salt semua ada drumah ah... hahaha!

So, we went back to my house & started chopping cookingg baking....& tadaaaaaaaa......

OUR LASAGNA...hihihi.. :)
and here Ms. K... :)

Ms.K ....hihihi.. :)
 sudah miskin ada hati lagi mau buat lasagna...ahahahah!!!

sorry lah bah nmpk x sedap...but for us...yummy.. :)
my owh my...Ms. K...we sure fill our sunday with kebodohan and desperateeeee for a lasagna..betul2 susah senang bersama-sama ahh....ahahhaha!!!

i owe u Ikan pari Lido & dumplingsss... :D

'till the next post...


Judy :)

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