Tuesday, April 26, 2011



It's like 11 pm ++ n still I feel like blogging b4 I go to sleep..hehe..

Well, a friend of mine asked me a simple question but yet not simple as it seems...the questioned was " belum ada komitmen kah mau kahwin?" ..hehe..komitmen ahh..

This is the way I answered her..

For me, the moment u step into a relationship means couple lah kan..u r indeed signing urself for a "commitment" ..the moment u n ur couple agree to get engaged is a big "commitment" ..n well, the moment u decide to get married is already a commitment u made since u 1st got engaged..so, belum ada komitmen tuk kawin is so damn FUNNY kay..

To be engaged bukan main2 k..I sendiri pun have to think long about it, am I ready or so on..I am the type of person that commits in a long term relationship, once brake-up, I tidak akan patah balik..hehe..ok back to the topic..

It's not that bukan tidak ada komitmen mau kawin, it's just we need to wait for the right time to make it happen ..kalo belum ada komitmen mau kawin, bgus jan tunang dari awal kan..hehe...sepa tidak mahu kawin..hahaha..sa mau kawin but not the right time yet..yg penting I am happy with my fiancee..if it's meant to be, it will be.. :)

Kelam kabut kawin pun bukan bawa faedah pun, when the right time finally arrive, I am sure it will be the best decision u ever make :) komitmen tetap ada..kalo tidak ada komitmen, things will just fall apart...

Hehe...mcm keja jugak, b4 u accept keja tu, u kena fikir panjang kan..once u accept n signed the offer letter, u r already involved in a commitment to do the job as good as possible..flying colours lagi yoo..ahaha..

ok..sa pun tia tau pa sa type nie..mata sa mau juling sa..mau tidur..bsuk kerja lagi..n lotsa works waiting for me..huhu..nah..komitmen sudah mau antar b4 dateline approach..hehe..

'Till then ..


Judy :)
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