Friday, April 15, 2011



I am in dillema about my current job...i just came back from lunchie with dear Ms.P...we had a great chat about work stuff & all....yeah...i'm in dillema right now..

U see, it's not that i dont like my job, i just have a few issues with current ckp..."okayyy ohhh" ...haha..yeah, for that part, no complaint... :)

I am sure that we need to l.o.v.e our job to be able to enjoy it kan....well, so far for me...i do like my job it's just that, i don't really enjoy my job the way i am supposed to....i have some issues with some sides which i dont think i should mention here (it's not appropriate to say names here....) ...

..hmm...i really do feel left out ni from the "things" that i should be involve & that i should know!!.....Sometimes i questioned my positions here...whats my function again..??

For the moment, i think i'll stick with this job...wait till there is a gud offer...n yeah, a job that i gonna enjoy and of coz the the pay have to GOOD!!... :)

okay pun x tau pa yg sa complaint nie..ngehh!!~~..sorry if i wasted ur 2 minits reading this...woopppssiieee...~~ :p



Judy :)

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