Monday, June 20, 2011

~Just like a slide show ~


I was going through some old songs that i used to listen..well..i still listen to them...n some of the songs reminds me of all the past times... hihihi...when i listen to each of the songs, all the memories runs right thru my head just like a slide show... =) time flies so fast...i still feels like i was that 18 years old girl, finish high school entering the college scene...making new frens, living the lifestyle that u never lived before and for the very 1st time experiencing life on ur own...!!

I have learned a very good lessons from my 26 years in this earth n of coz having me to make a wiser decision in the can bring u down but u have to pick urself up and we learned, we grow up, become wiser than before... =)

How i wish we have a machine that we can use to transport us back to old times, re-live everything again... of coz not to re-write the memories...i never regret a bit of my past, but i learned from it & look forward to the future...screw u people who judge me from my past becoz i am not my past anymore!...

I am happy as what i am today...everything happens for a reason...thank u God for what i have today... =)

here's a quote i wanna share with u guys....each phase ur going thru in life has a meaning & lesson to be learned....

"Tattoos all represent their own moment in time, and the sentiment and the phase your going through when you get them are more significant than the design. - Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) "

'till then...let us remember all the memories... =)


 Judy =)


  1. Bah dengar ja tu lagu Teenage Dream Katy Perry hehhee...Dance and will be young forever

  2. miahahahah!!....Katy Perry mau jadi budak college balik Oo...ahahah!!